Monday, August 11, 2014

Please welcome the newest member of our family: Junífera Clarita!

Early this afternoon at Saint Clare's Medical Center on the feast day of Saint Clare of Assisi, Yeyette gave birth to our newest member of the family. And here she is!

We've been planning to name her Junífera La Bella. Junífera is another Spanish variant of Jennifer, Yeyette's real name. And to fans of the late Spanish-language writer Gabriel García Márquez, La Bella should ring a bell. But since our baby was born on the feast day of the hospital's namesake saint, and because we asked her to intercede for Yeyette's very fragile delivery, I decided today to name her Junífera Clarita.

Speaking of Yeyette, she is safe now. But not without a tough fight. And what an obstacle it was! I called a couple of hospitals then went back and forth to two branches of the Philippine National Red Cross just to procure several units of fresh whole blood (and mind you, it's type AB+ so the task was not a mere stroll in the park).

After giving birth to Junífera Clarita, Yeyette underwent hysterectomy procedure because of a rare and severe obstetric complication. She lost lots of blood during the procedure (as already anticipated by her OB/GYN). It was a tense afternoon, and it got scarier because we found out later on that she almost died twice due to massive blood loss. La Familia Viajera almost lost our light, our guide, the tender succor of our home. All in all, it took six hours, three doctors, and several nurses and orderlies —some of whom were already off duty— to save her life...

And of course, you guys were spiritually there on the scene! Thank you so much for storming the heavens with your prayers for my wife and our new baby girl!

As of this writing, Yeyette is still unconscious, but recovering fast. Once she's OK, I'll have her write about her experience right here on La Familia Viajera!

I can't wait to see Yeyette and Junífera Clarita together! I'm sure that Krystal, Momay, Jefe, and Juanito are super excited as well!

This family of mine is the GREATEST thing to have ever happened in my life!

¡Gracias por la intercesión, Santa Clara de Asís! ¡A Dios sea toda la gloria! ¡Enaltecer la familia para la gloria más alta de Dios!

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