Saturday, September 13, 2014

A simple wedding anniversary at home

We are unable to travel today because Yeyette just gave birth last month. But it's OK. We'll do better next year. And so long as our family is complete for this special occasion, that's all that matters.

Happy wedding anniversary to the two of us, my dear wife!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sunday meetup at Greenbelt and Glorietta

As mentioned in an earlier blogpost, we were compelled to move to San Pedro Macati —now known as Makati— last summer because of the death threats we received after I incurred the evil wrath of two power-hungry politicians from Iloílo. A few days after moving in to our "hiding place", we arranged a meetup with my sisters for a merienda to tell them about our ordeal. But it wasn't all that bad. After all, Makati is Makati, where the sights and sounds never fail to entertain and captivate the senses.

We had our rendezvous at Powerbooks in Greenbelt 4.

Here's my family with my sisters Jennifer (seated) and Jessica (standing). If I am not mistaken, this is the biggest Powerbooks branch. It was also here where me and Arnaldo Arnáiz met historian Ambeth Ocampo and well-known travel blogger Glenn Martínez for the first time in 2008. At that time, this branch was then known as "Powerbooks Live!"

Jefe and Momay below Powerbooks' famous logo.

Reflected selfie.

Little Juanito holding our purchases.

After our purchases and checking out a couple of books, we proceeded to newly opened Pizza Warehouse in Glorietta 3. My sisters were the ones who found out about it. After trying out its pizza a few days before, they were hooked. And so were we. It has since become Yeyette's favorite pizza.

This store opened only a few days before, hence the balloons.

Look at the huge excitement on the faces of Jennifer and Krystal!

This huge and satisfying 18" combo pizza can certainly fill you up! It's all worth it!

Family friend Valerie Devulder joins us. This multitalented French-Filipina stunner is the granddaughter of National Artist Francisco Coching. Like her grandfather, Valerie is also into arts (painting) aside from being a captivating flamenco dancer. She was one of the performers during my "tertulia filipina" wedding reception with Yeyette last year.

Me and my sisters Jennifer and Jessica.

After parting with my sisters and Valerie, we proceeded to Family Mart also in Glorietta 3 for more snacks before going back to our "hiding place". It's a convenience store but much larger compared to the usual ones we're familiar with (such as 7-Eleven and Ministop), and it's family oriented too.

Click here for the complete photo album! And please stay tuned for more of our exodus to San Pedro Macati. ¡Hasta la vista!