Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Coffee and more at The Snuggery

If yesterday was National Coffee Day and tomorrow will be International Coffee Day, what type of coffee day is it today? Whether it's Externational Coffee Day or Coffee Day In Between, we don't care. All we know is that we wanted some coffee. But not from the usual coffeehouse around the block.

So we first went to Museo de San Pedro, only to find out that they're doing some inventory.

By the way, it's the only museum that's not a museum. Yeah, confusing. I've been there once when it was still new, when Mayor Calex Catáquiz was still the mayor. He showed me around. The place was filled with his photos. We were served some expensive coffee which tasted like an ordinary 3-in-one, and I liked it. That's why me and my family went there this afternoon. Too bad the staff weren't prepared for us. Anyway, we'll feature our brief visit there in a future blogpost. Right now, we simply wanted some weird coffee.

Good thing my wife remembered having seen a new hole in the wall coffeehouse by the main highway several weeks ago. So off we went. We were not disappointed. They served us some weird coffee. And more.

Snuggery is a British word. It means a coSy and comfortable place. Yes, I keep on emphasiSing on  the letter S. Snuggery is a British word.

Freedom wall. Post anything non-offensive.

We only tried one type of coffee. We ordered ours cold. I think mine had too much ice because it tasted almost like water. My wife probably didn't experience such travesty because she liked hers. Despite that, it was well OK. It would have been perfect without too much ice, though. Or if the mixing was right.

It looks like peanut butter on top of mayonnaise. But no. It's The Snuggery's specialty called "ice-blended Snuggery Machiatto". You've already been warned earlier — not much ice.

The food made up for whatever disappointment I had with their macchiatto.

These nachos didn't last for a full minute.

Their honey-glazed wings with potatoes have all the right spice though they were a bit bland for Yeyette.

Enjoying some chili cheese fries.

Their tomato and garlic pasta is a winner.

All items are on this board. Affordable.

Yeyette with the owners of The Snuggery. All four share duties in running their snuggly li'l coffeehouse.

The place is small, probably won't be able to fit twenty patrons. The air is heavenly because of all that cooking which customers can see (and because of lack of exhaust ventilation). And to think that they have here live acoustic performances at least once a month. They have one this coming Saturday night (October 3). Do drop by when you have time. The place is right in front of the San Pedro College of Business Administration at the old national highway.

And try their coffee hot.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Our AlDub-inspired sixteenth anniversary!

My sixteenth anniversary with my wife Yeyette falls at a time when the whole country is in love — and for the first time in history, I should say! Yes, we're also smitten with the AlDub love bug! And I guess only true-blue AlDub fans will get what the picture below means.

♪ Icáo lang ang aquing mahál ♫

❤ A very happy anniversary to us! Cahit simple láng, basta't masayá at nagmamahalan, OK na camí. ❤