Sunday, November 29, 2015

A brief visit to the Shrine of Saint Peregrine Laziosi

Since we always pass by his shrine in old Muntinlupa to and from our home in La Laguna ProvinceSaint Peregrine Laziosi became one of the many saints Yeyette prayed to during her delicate pregnancy last year. After giving birth, she promised to visit all the churches of those saints she sought help for her safe delivery. But it was only last November 14, on a late Saturday afternoon, when we were able to accompany her to the Saint Peregrine Shrine.

Santuario de San Peregrino Laziosi.

Women should wear veils inside churches even if there is no Mass.

Yeyette kept to her promise to come back here to thank Saint Peregrine Laziosi after her safe delivery from a rare pregnancy disorder called placenta percreta last year.
Peregrine Laziosi was born in 1260, the only son of an affluent anti-papal Italian family. An incident with the priest Felipe Benicio (who later became saint in 1671) changed his stand towards the papacy: when a then young Peregrine heckled and struck the elderly priest, the latter unquestionably forgave the young troublemaker. His humility getting the better of him, a remorseful Peregrine took to prayer which eventually led him to a selfless life of priesthood. He gained fame for his preaching and saintly life. Later in his life, he developed a cancerous infection in his right leg. It was decided to have his leg amputated. He took to deep prayer on the eve of the surgery; the next day, the infection totally disappeared. This is the reason why he became the patron saint of those who suffer from cancer and other incurable illnesses (and that his why his image usually shows him with his right knee covered in a cancerous sore). He was canonized on 27 December 1726.

The Saint Peregrine Shrine has a relic chapel which houses an actual rib of Saint Peregrine Laziosi. To those who don't know yet, he is also one of many Catholic saints whose remains remain miraculously preserved. His incorruptible body now rests in his home city of Forlì, Italy.

This shrine also houses something extraordinary: a relic chapel containing a rib of Saint Peregrine. From the relic chapel's dedication marker:

In line with the desire to spread the devotion of Saint Peregrine, patron of cancer patients, the community of the Order of the Servants Mary in Forlì, Italy donated to the Filipino people a relic in the form of a rib taken from the incorruptible body of Saint Peregrine. The actual body of the Saint is enshrined in the Basilica of Saint Peregrine in Forlì, Italy.
This rib is now in custody of the Fathers of the Order of the Servants of Mary in Tunasán, Muntinlupà. It is preserved in a precious silver reliquary. On October 31, 1998 was solemn consecration of Saint Peregrine Parish and it was during this special occasion that the relic of St. Peregrine was enshrined to the Relic Chapel of the Saint. It is the only outstanding relic in all the world, excluding his body in Forlì, Italy. For this reason, we Filipinos are privileged and loved by the Lord.

San Peregrino Laziosi.

Click here for more photos of our brief thanksgiving visit!

The shrine is located in Barrio Tunasán, Muntinlupà City and is under the care of the Servite Order (Orders of the Servants of Mary). It's right along the old national road, a few meters away from SM Center Muntinlupa (they're on the same row) if you're coming from the north, and also a few walks away from the boundary of Metro Manila and La Laguna Province if you're coming from the south.

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