Saturday, June 11, 2016

Life begins at 40!

Celebrating my 40th birthday at the Fig Tree Café.

I can't believe that I'm already 40 years old! Why? Because I still don't have white hair. I listen to songs being enjoyed by Krystal. And despite having gone through five caesarian deliveries, I can still wear a bikini without batting an eyelash, hahaha! I thank GOD I survived my five CS deliveries and for the second life that I have now.

So does this mean that I'm still young although I've already turned 40 years old? Or am I just feeling young? 😄

I remember when I was still in college back in Adamson University, I used to take six vitamins just to have more energy to survive my course (I took up Bachelor Of Arts, major in Mass Communications). My main health supplements were vitamins C and E (Squibb E 600 I.U. which is no longer available). I also took Propan with iron, and added more supplements such as vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 (Neurobion), Royal Jelly. And last but not the least I had Glutaphos because I saw in a TV ad that it's good for the brain, something to help you out in memorizing lessons easily! I think it helped because I graduated hehehe! Thank GOD. But take note I did not get addicted to those vitamins. I just needed to take them to survive my hectic college life. I was such a health freak! So I think that's the reason why I'm aging slowly. But right now, I'm only taking two vitamins because I'm not in school anymore, I'm just taking multivitamins and Vitamin C plus eating healthy food, and doing work out from time to time or whenever I feel that I'm putting on weight! 😄

And about the bikini thing, hehe! My Facebook and Twitter friends know that I love the summer season very much. And even if it's not summer, I still go to the beach with my family or just with my hubby Pepe. The reflection of the waters and the sand looks great during summer 'coz you can see the real color of the sands and what lies underneath the waters because of the summer sun, that's why summer is my favorite season. But I actually wonder why some people visit beaches only during summer. I know of course that it's hot during that season, and that we need to refresh ourselves by hitting the beach. But if you visit beaches during the rainy season or the cold months, you will realize that in our country, summer actually never ends! That is how enticing our beaches are. And they will always be that way as long as the quality of the seashore, its sands, and sea breeze remain intact. Oh, what a feeling of enchantment I feel whenever I talk about beaches! Beaches make me feel young! ❤

And what do you expect to wear when you are at the beach, pajamas or casual dress? Of course you have to wear something light and comfortable so that you could enjoy playing with the white waves while smelling the sea breeze, or running around on the seashore, or sunbathing on the fine sands. So you guys can try it for yourself and feel the excitement that beach offers.

So, am I still young, or do I just feel young? Age is just a number. Always remember that.

Now I'm 40 years old, but what I feel now is just the beginning of my life, with my family, relatives, and friends. May the Lord give me more birthdays so that I could continue loving and taking care of my family. Yes, life begins at 40, and I am ready to face the future with much love, and challenges with more courage, so that I can live meaningfully with all the people who love me.

Happy 40th Birthday To Me!!! 😄 ❤

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