Saturday, October 22, 2016

San Pedro City Museum and Library

October is Museum Month in Filipinas. What better time to write about our adoptive home because the city government has just inaugurated its very own cultural institution: the San Pedro City Museum and Library!

The name is supposed to be "San Pedro City Museum and Library". The people involved (including my husband) still need to fix this before the grand opening which is planned on December 29. Photo credit: Raymond Bacanto.

It is interesting to note that San Pedro (fondly called by its old name of "San Pedro Tunasán" by my hubby Pepe) is known for the "Banal Na Cruz ng Tunasán" and the miraculous "Lolo Uweng ng Landayan". It is also known as the "Sampaguita Capital" of our country. But I think the other thing that will make it more popular soon is its combined museum and library. I'm proud to say that my husband Pepe is one of its planners and coordinators. The San Pedro City Museum and Library is a brainchild of honorable Mayor Lourdes "Baby" Catáquiz and her husband, former Mayor Calixto "Calex" Catáquiz

My husband was able to attend the inauguration this morning (the building was also simultaneously blessed by our parish priest, Fr. Paul Búgay). So did my daughter Krystal who went there ahead of us because she attended the early morning Alay Lakad 2016. Since I'm a busy mom at home, I arrived late with the rest of our kids. Ouch, I apologize. But as the saying goes, it's better to be late than never. 😊

When me and the rest of our children arrived there, the event was over. Utility people were already cleaning up. But it's OK because the place has not yet closed for public viewing, and my husband and Krystal were still there waiting for us. The utility people were busy with what they were doing but they didn't mind us looking around at the old photos of San Pedro. San Pedrenses, by the way, are some of the friendliest people in Filipinas, next to my townmates in Abra De Ilog, Mindoro Occidental. That is why I love San Pedro so much, and I always will. ❤ 😊
The morning sun was already high when we got there. At the third floor, the view is marvelous because of the floor-to-ceiling windows facing the street. The information that I found at the museum is awesome and even surprisingly interesting. One example: there was an enlarged sketch of the ancestral houses of both Mayor Baby and her husband, Mayor Calex. Both houses were made of light materials. When I saw both houses, I felt some kilig factor because I imagined how their love story blossomed. Mayor Baby and Mayor Calex were neighbors. They both grew up in Barrio Santo Niño. ❤ ❤

Most of what is displayed inside are photos and sketches of former mayors, personalities, and well-known establishments and houses when San Pedro was still a municipality, some of which dated back to the Spanish and American times. You just couldn't hide your amazement the moment you compare the new San Pedro from the old. Quite interesting, really!

The place has few things to see as of the moment. The library section is still empty. But don't worry because it is only the beginning. The event this morning was considered only as a "soft opening". The grand opening is coming soon, slated for December 29. I will look forward to that when we go there the next time! Congratulations to those who have been part of the preparation and opening of the San Pedro City Museum And Library: the City of San Pedro Tourism, Culture and Arts Office, the San Pedro City Historical Council (where my hubby belongs), and the city's Public Affairs and Information Office! Kudos and good luck to your respective departments! 

While waiting for the opening of the museum and library, here's a sneak peak of the place. Sorry for the photos because our camera's lens has been having problems for months. We're still saving up to have it fixed. Hopefully, it would be fixed on time for the grand opening two months from now! 😊 😊

Blow-up sketches of some of San Pedro Tunasán's iconic structures by artist Paul Escobañas.

The San Pedro City Museum and Library is located on the third floor of the newly constructed Department of Education building, within the premises of the San Pedro Central School along Juan Luna Street at the old town proper. It's open every day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM!

By the way. Yesterday, October 21, was the third anniversary of our blog. There was no happening because our kids were in school and Junífera Clarita was starting to have an allergy. Then again, better late than never! ¡Feliz 3° aniversario a La Familia Viajera! =)