Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Enjoying the freezing clouds of Tagaytay

There's always a first time, right Clarita! 😊

Two Sundays ago, we revisited Tagaytay, our favorite city. Except for Krystal whose school held its recollection there last November, our family hasn't visited the place since 2014. I was still pregnant with Junífera Clarita at that time. And last year, on our way to Burot Beach, we just passed by the place. So technically, this is Junífera Clarita's first time in our country's second "summer capital".

We are always excited to go to Tagaytay even though we have visited it many times already. For those who do not know yet, my hubby Pepe loves cold places (he always changes the thermostat of our air conditioning to its highest, LOL!). He's the type who prefers the rainy season, including typhoons! He finds dark skies romantic, so don't wonder anymore if you see him very happy within a dark forest. 😊

A breathtaking view of  Tagaytay!!!! 

Misty flowers.

Whenever we want to enjoy a place for its cold weather, especially on the coldest month of the year, Tagaytay naturally comes to mind because it is the nearest to our place. Baguio takes several hours to reach, probably six or seven. Even the mountain town of Luisiana, a place which is also in the same province as ours, can take up to three hours, but reaching Tagaytay takes only two hours. One if the traffic is OK. We left our place after lunch and arrived in Tagaytay at mid-afternoon. We went straight to "People's Park In The Sky" or "Palace In The Sky". Anyway, the main reason why tourists go to Tagaytay is to enjoy its mild climate. So why not visit its coldest place?

My first time to taste strawberry taho. =)

At the entrance.

This used to be, PEOPLE'S PARK IN THE SKY. Now it's T F S. LOL!

Merienda time! =) =)

After paying for the entrance tickets (₱30.00), we bought strawberry-flavored tahô (silken tofu with sago pearls). It was my first time to taste it. It was delicious. Then we experience the clouds when we were already there on top and taking pictures and selfies. While the kids were playing within the mists covering the park, I was ordering our merienda: fish balls, chicken balls, kikiam, french fries, and hot noodles. After eating our snacks, the kids continued playing, experiencing the moment that is so soothing to the senses. They don't get to play that much in our place. The park is cold, romantic, and awesome! It was also drizzling from time to time as the cold clouds continued to envelop us. Most people say that the thick mist covering People's Park In The Sky is fog, but the truth is those are clouds because the park is on top of a mountain. Many people just don't realize it because there is already a road leading towards the park. There is really no more need to climb.

We stayed up there until it got dark. As usual, we were one of those who were last to descend, hehehe! Our kids have learned to love cold temperatures just like my hubby. Like father, like children. 😊 😊

My hubby is very happy up here. =)

Un gato blanco.

So if you want to experience clouds and a cold atmosphere, you better come and go to People's Park In The Sky. Who knows? We might even bump into each other up there. 😊

Real Selfies! =)

We ❤ Tagaytay!!!!!!!

Totally CLOUDY!!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

DID YOU KNOW? The highest point in Tagaytay is Mount Súñgay, the place which everybody calls as "People's Park In The Sky" or "Palace In The Sky".  Its peak, according to Google Earth, stands at 2,351 feet above sea level.

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