Friday, January 13, 2017

¡Feliz 10º cumpleaños, Jefe!

Happy 10th Birthday, Jefe!!!

We are not complete today because your Ate Krystal is currently on a field trip in Baguio City. But she still did not forget to greet you through Facebook video. I am so touched (¡Gracias, hija!) So, at the end of the day, in our hearts and minds, it is already a complete birthday for you, my son. We had a simple early dinner celebration for your birthday, a surprise video from your Ate Krystal, and that's it. We may not have a "bonggacious" celebration, but the love and care that we have within our family is enough to complete it.

Video clip 
courtesy of Krystal's friend, Melizza.

Happy birthday again, Jefe. May you continue to stay kind and God-fearing. And may the love and concern you have for your brothers and sisters always remain. GOD bless you, and we love you so much!!!! =) =)

Mommy Yeyette

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