Friday, January 6, 2017

Tres Reyes Magos 2017

During olden times, Filipinos exchanged gifts not on Christmas Day nor New Year's Day but on the day of the Three Kings which is celebrated every January 6. But in the Novus Ordo calendar, this feast day is celebrated on the first Sunday of January. But for us who still preserve the old ways, we still celebrate it every January 6. Our simple dinner must begin first before exchanging gifts.

On this day, my mother was with us to witness how we celebrate Three Kings Day. We celebrated it in the evening because we had to wait for our kids to come home from school. We prayed first before eating our simple dinner, giving thanks to GOD for all the blessings that we have on our table, and for all the blessings we have been receiving each day. 

Then it's gift-giving time! So far, it was the happiest Three Kings that I have ever experienced. Of course I am on my happiest whenever I'm with my family, but today was extra special because my mother was here. The more, the merrier. We even planned to celebrate Three Kings in her place in Bacoor, Cavite next year.

So next time, join us so we could celebrate Three Kings Day more, and enjoy more for the greater glory of GOD. Happy Three Kings to all. =) =) =)     

All photos courtesy of my mother, Teresa Perey. Thanks much, Mommy!!! ❤ =)

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