Friday, March 31, 2017

Daddy Pepe's first book — "Captain Remo: The Young Hero"

At long last, my hubby has finally achieved his dream of having a book (a dream for all writers)! The book is entitled "CAPTAIN REMO: THE YOUNG HERO (Anatomy of Abelardo Remoquillo, the Pride of San Pedro Tunasán, La Laguna)".

Captain Remo is the military nickname of Abelardo Remoquillo (1922-1945), a native of San Pedro Tunasán who joined the guerrilla movement (Hunters ROTC) during the Japanese invasion of Filipinas. The book is the story of a young man who died while fighting the Japanese invaders. He was the only man left standing in his group while attacking a Japanese garrison in the town of Bay, La Laguna Province. Who would have thought that, at the age of 22, a person his age would have showed such heroism? In today's generation, young people his age usually spend most of their lives on the Internet or using recreational drugs. Many marry early, or just do nothing productive at all. But Captain Remo risked his life for love of his country and his countrymen.

This book, written by the legendary blogger of ALAS FILIPINAS (the first Spanish blog in our Filipinas) and FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES (probably one of the most controversial blogs in our country), is bilingual. It has a Tagálog translation by Erlinda Sietereales. Both my husband and Tita Linda are members of the San Pedro City Historical Council. The book was launched last March 8 at the city plaza, during the 72nd death anniversary of Captain Remo which is also known as "Veterans Day" in our city. You may read more details of the event right here.

La familia Viajera with Mayor Baby Catáquiz and Tita Linda Sietereales. Captain Remo's brother Vicente Remoquillo, now in his 90s, is at the background. He is also a Hunters ROTC veteran.

Captain Remo is Daddy Pepe's first book, and we hope that it would be the first of many more books to come! Thank you to Mayor Lourdes Catáquiz, our dear city mayor and wedding godmother, for making this book project possible and for having chosen my husband to write it! Without her support and blessing, this book would not have been possible. Her enthusiasm to publish this biography of San Pedro City's local hero is very touching. She wanted the youth of our city to know about our local hero's patriotism and valor. Thank you, Mayor Baby, for your passion for our city's history!

And speaking of local heroes, Captain Remo can also be called a national hero, I do hope it would happen because Captain Remo is an inspiration for everyone, especially the youth, and I hope it will be passed on to future generations.

Get a free copy of this biography from the Public Affairs and Information Office located at the second floor of the San Pedro City Hall building. Grab one now while supplies last. I do hope you could have a copy and read it because the story of this book is very inspiring for the youth.

Click here for more photos of the book launching! ¡Hasta la vista!

I am so proud seeing you like this! Writer ka na talaga! May nagpapa-autograph na sa'yo!

DID YOU KNOW? The blurb for this book was written by none other than the great novelist in Tagálog, Lualhati Bautista! Ms. Bautista is a dear friend of Tita Linda. They used to work together in Liwayway Magazine.

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