Wednesday, April 5, 2017

¡Feliz 115º fiesta, Barrio San Vicente!

Today we commemorate our barrio's 115th anniversary.

A simple feast at our humble abode.

Our barrio was named after Saint Vincent Ferrer, a Spanish saint. Click here to know more about our barrio and its patron saint.

Inside the chapel dedicated to our barrio's patron saint.

Click here for more photos.Happy fiesta to our Barrio San Vicente Ferrer!

DID YOU KNOW? Barrio San Vicente used to be the second largest barrio (or barangay) in the City of San Pedro Tunasán. But on 11 July 2015, seven new barrios were created out of San Vicente. This move was ratified and approved through a plebiscite held on that date (under COMELEC Resolution No. 9969). The new barrios created from San Vicente are Chrysanthemum, Fátima, Mahárlika, Pacita 1, Pacita 2, Rosario, and San Lorenzo Ruiz.

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