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Three beaches in three days!

Summer time is here again, and doing nothing about it should not be an excuse! Whether you're on a budget, there are still simple ways of enjoying the summer heat. After paying some of our bills, I have set aside money for some vacation fun, I had my family go on a brief vacation to Unisan, the hometown of my husband Pepe's parents (he refuses to call the province Quezon for historical reasons). Unisan is located in Bondoc Peninsula were there are still a lot of unspoiled beaches. Not only were we able to save a lot, we were also able to enjoy those beaches.

The road to the beach has a great view of the countryside. Before going to Unisan, we decided to take a short dip in one of Agdañgán's beach resorts. We always pass by Agdañgán whenever we go to Unisan, but we've never tried its beaches. We got there a few minutes past four in the afternoon. The locals there recommended Monte Carlo Beach Resort, a few minutes from the población, so off we went. Anyway, the sun was still up and the day was still bright, that is why we were able to enjoy the beach until 5:15 P.M. Actually, we contracted a tricycle driver to pick us up at that time. When he fetched us, it suddenly rained hard even before the sun had fully set. The amazing thing during the drive to the town proper was that it was raining hard complete with loud thunderstorms and lightning. Daddy Pepe and Mómay were at the back ride and they were soaking wet because of the rain and the puddles of rainwater along the road. But it was a refreshing rain, and the waters on the puddles were clean because we were at the countryside. At least, our kids got to experience heavy rain on a summer day. The tricycle driver told us that it had not rained for weeks, and that sudden downpour was weird.

Day 2: Soliyao Beach, Pitogo (April 30)

We didn't know that the travel time from Unisan's town proper to Pitogo is quite far but adventurous. The paved road towards the municipality is smooth and the environs surrounding it are refreshing, but the route towards the beach is a dirt road, and it took us a lot longer to traverse it because we were only riding a tricycle that is owned and driven by my hubby Pepe's second cousin, Cuya Cocò. The dirt road going to Soliyao Beach would have be an easy drive for 4x4 vehicles, but not for tricycles. Good thing the build of Cuya Coco's tricycle was strong, and he seemed so relaxed while driving it. Thanks again, Cuya Coco! =) 

Soliyao is a hidden beach for me, still undiscovered by many. When you enter the beach premises, you will immediately notice the huge Talisay tree to the right. That tree is the biggest and tallest Talisay tree we have ever seen so far. We do hope that it will remain as it is for a long, long time, and may the people there will not cut it down. Its fruits are a sight to see, and its weird-looking pink-white flowers look like straws from broomstick!

One thing I love about Soliyao beach is its turquoise-colored waters. But beware because there are small sea creatures that will bite your skin, not to mention jellyfishes. My hubby Pepe actually got stung on his right wrist. Good thing he was able to immediately remove the slimy toxin from the jellyfish, and I brought calamansì with us. But he was still hurt (up to now, his left wrist still bears the scar of that jellyfish sting). Tayabas Bay of which Soliyao Beach is a part of has many jellyfishes which the locals call salabay. But if you are the adventurous type and you really love the sea like me, then take the risk. Just take extra care. Wear goggles most of the time, and don't forget to bring vinegar or calamansì, in case you got stung.

Day 3: Malatandang Beach, Unisan (May 1)

Since my husband's parents are from Unisan, Malatandang Beach has become very familiar to us. We've been here many times already (it's Daddy Pepe and Krystal's first beach while they were still babies). Its golden-like sands are what I love the most in this beach plus the clarity of its waters. It is always exciting to go back here and I do hope they will continue to maintain its beauty and cleanliness, I noticed a few black patches on some parts of the beach, and I hope it is not what I thought it was, that these are oil spills from boat owners who change fuel while on the shore. If this continues, this will put ruin the beauty of the Malatandang. I hope this will not be the case. I keep on telling my husband that Malatandang is on my top three list of the best beaches I've ever visited. =)


How were we able to afford three beaches in three days? Because the beaches here in Bondoc Peninsula are not expensive despite of their beauty. Actually, the most expensive that we have visited during those three days was Monte Carlo Beach Resort. They charged us for ₱100 each. Since we were seven, it would have cost us ₱700. But I bargained since we only stayed there for about two hours, and we didn't rent any cottage. We just laid our baggages on the sand. In the end, they gave us a discount and I paid them only ₱300.

In Soliyao Beach, a cottage is worth ₱350 pesos, but we opted to stay on the sands of the beach. Anyway, we love picnicking on the sands using just a malong to place our stuff. Renting nipa cottages for me is just a waste of money especially if we would stay on a beach for only a few hours. We placed our stuff underneath the huge Talisay tree. We were charged for only ₱5.00 per person! Perhaps the most expensive part of going to Soliyao is the commute. If you have your own vehicle, then you're lucky (but still, you will have to pay for the high cost of fuel).

In Unisan, we still did the same. We did not rent any cottage. It is still more fun and practical to picnic on the sands. And we were not charged anything at all because we did not use cottages.

For a large group, or those who are not accustomed to staying on the sands, then you may of course go ahead and rent cottages. But for my family of seven who love staying most of the time on the sands and in the water, my malong is enough. =) =)

And lastly, we brought our own food. While there are small stores in all three beaches we visited, it is still best if you bring your own báon so that you'd just spend on transportation. That is what we did.

Tanned skin and jellyfish sting, we didn't mind them all because we really enjoyed our summer! Till next time!!!

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Have a happy Summer 2017, everyone!!!

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