Thursday, July 20, 2017

¡Feliz 17° cumpleaños, Krystal!

¡Feliz 17° cumpleaños, mi hija Krystal!

Thank you for always being there for us, for always helping me in the household chores, for being my number one fan in my cooking (especially my specialty pastas), for all your sacrifices in our small home. There is no perfect family, but you still tend to stay strong too just like me.

Thank you for all the trials that you have endured with us. Thank you because you always maintain your respect for us your parents. Of course you are not perfect. But still, I can call you a good girl in spite of that imperfectness. Thank you for listening to our advice, for opening up your feelings to us. Please open up your feelings more to me and don't hesitate to ask any questions because we are both ladies, OK?

Jennifer Perey-Alas

We'll always be there for you and support you. Follow your dreams, reach for it, and strive to be successful. May you have many more birthdays to come, my pretty and precious eldest daughter! Hugs and love from all of us! 💜💚❤💗💓💘 Mommy Yeyette

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