Friday, August 11, 2017

¡Feliz tercer cumpleaños, Junífera Clarita!

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With the old municipal hall of Biñán (left, now a museum) and the Church of San Isidro Labrador (right) at the background. Both structures date back to the Spanish era.

When they were still babies, all of my kids adored Jollibee. But among them, our baby Junífera Clarita is the most excited whenever she sees the Jollibee sign. She would mention the name "Jollibee" with much delight. Whenever we are out of the house and ask the family where we should eat, Junífera Clarita would immediately scream the name Jollibee. So today, on her third birthday, we had a simple dinner at a Jollibee outlet. It was her request, to eat at Jollibee. But to add some historical flavor, my hubby Pepe chose to eat at a Jollibee outlet in historic Biñán, La Laguna, just a few feet away from the ancestral house of national hero José Rizal's mother. He said that this historic house will be reconstructed soon.

The rainy night did not stop our simple celebration. I prayed to Saint Clare of Assisi not to rain. Thank God it did not rain on us. Thank you so much for praying for us, Saint Clare! And happy feast day to you!

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I never thought I would experience life again after my fifth ceasarian delivery. You are our miracle baby! We are both enjoying the world together with the rest of the family. I will not tire of thanking all my family members, relatives, and friends who prayed for us, as well as all my dearly departed loved ones who are now in Heaven who I know had prayed for me. I will also not get tired of thanking all the saints, angels, and Mama Mary who helped me survive just to bring you here on earth.

Thank you most especially to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our Almighty GOD, for all the miracles and blessing you have given us!

I love you my "koala baby", my "pokemon",  my "baba labs", my baby Junífera Clarita. The smell of your skin eases my problems away. You always make my day. Your smile removes my stress, and you are the main reason why I'm always happy.  

Happy third birthday to you, our sweetest darling!  We love you so much, and may you have more wonderful birthdays to come!

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When we got home, her Abuelo Daddy, Jaime Perey, was waiting for her.

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