LA FAMILIA VIAJERA is the ALAS FAMILY's online travelogue and is also the first Filipino family travel blog! A brainchild of spouses Pepe and Yeyette, LA FAMILIA VIAJERA's primary purpose is to serve as a repository of travel memories for their children: Krystal, Mómay, Jefe, Juanito, and Junífera Clarita.


PEPEVeteran blogger. Wannabe historian. Frustrated wrestler. Gym instructor. Always finding ways to embarass Krystal at school.

YEYETTE. Super mom. Fashion and summer adddict. Breakthrough cook. Loves old walls. Camwhore. Talks 365 words per minute.

KRYSTAL. All-around Ate. Music lover. Daydreamer. Eats like a 200-pounder.

MÓMAY. Loves to read (thank goodness). Gaming addict. The most serious in the family... only when Mommy and Daddy are around. Guaranteed to bug you with a thousand and one questions. Has great admiration for security guards.

JEFE. Knows more Spanish words than his siblings. The noisiest. Stuntman. Usually found near our ceiling. Proud to be payatot.

JUANITO. The youngest boy in our family, and the most maculít. Loves chasing animals. Finger painter. Future artist. Mama's boy.

JUNÍFERA CLARITA. Miracle baby. The country's youngest traveler. The heart and soul of La Familia Viajera.

The family that travels together...

...is AWESOME!!!!!! ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶


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